Journal · February 01, 2007
Day one in Beijing... August 31, 2007
    Click on the seperate pages titled " Day one in ..... to read about a particular day. We'll be posting mainly over there.  
Technical Difficulties..... August 30, 2007
Had some minor electrical difficulties in the room John plugging in a 110 volt surge protector into a 240 volt outlet!! Accidentaly shut off the electricity to the whole room!   Problem is now solved....but we have to leave for the day. Will add more later...with pictures!!!
We're here !!!! August 30, 2007
    We just arrived at our hotel in Beijing.  The flights were very nice, but very long.   The flight from Newark, NJ was over 13 hours.  We didn't get much sleep on the plane ( I think we were too excited ).  They did feed us quite well, I think they gave us a total of three meals and several snacks along with a champagne toast to our adoption....   Thanks Continental Airlines !!    We start our sightseeing in the morning tomorrow.   The Great Wall is our first stop then we visit a tea house followed by shopping, lunch and a Chinese acrobatic show at night.   Can't wait !!   Gonna go now it is 5am to us even though it's 5pm here !!  We're going to get some sleep.  Will update with pictures from today in a little while.
CHINA ..... HERE WE COME!!!!! August 23, 2007
We got the word on Monday.....we'll be flying to China on Wednesday August 29th to pick up our girl!! We'll fly into Beijing first, then on to Maya's province of Gansu. "Gotcha" day is Monday September 3rd. That is the day we will finally be able to meet and hold our daughter! We will be updating our site while we're there and we will post a video of when we meet her for the first time! Thanks to all of you for being there!!! Talk to you soon!!! 
Still Waiting...... August 13, 2007

 Nothing new to report . We are waiting for our travel approval....and believe us, we really thought we would have it by now! As soon as we get it, we'll let you know! Until then, thank you for all your support and  the nice comments in our guestbook!