Day Two Beijing... · September 01, 2007
     Today started out with a bicycle tour of Tian An Men Square and the Forbidden City area.  We rode for about two hours, then took a rickshaw ride through an area called Hutong.   We had lunch at the home of a local family and learned how to make Chinese dumplings ( Maya's favorite food, we've been told ).   The family was very nice and the food was delicious, real authentic chinese food.  They showed us their " pets ".....  Four turtles,  five goldfish, two fighting crickets and many caged giant grasshoppers !   We then took a taxi to the Donghuamen night market, it is an outdoor market that is very, very crowded.  The vendors here are very persistant, they don't let you leave without buying something...  they will follow you out the door.  We walked back to the hotel, had dinner and are now packing for our flight tomorrow to Maya's province.  Counting down.... two more days till we meet Miss Maya !!!!
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" There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing "
 Sal, Mike, and mishaps with the electricity today!.....although, Sal, your ticket is already on it's way!!!!