Day Nine......Guangzhou China · September 08, 2007

    This is our first full day in Guangzhou.  We are in Guangzhou because this is where the American Consulate is located.  We have to get Maya's visa processed here so she can come home with us to the USA. 

     Today started out with Maya's medical exam.  She was a very good girl and did not cry at all.  The Dr. told us she is healthy except that her ears looked red.  She said she does not have an ear infection but they were very red and probably hurt her a little.   They gave us some medicine that will help until we get home.  She is 25 pounds (fullly clothed with shoes).  After the medical exam we went back to our hotel ( Victory Hotel) and filled out more paperwork with our guide Simon.  We asked to be moved to a different hotel and were moved to the White Swan.   What a difference !!!!  Thank you Stacey !    This hotel is definately a 5 star hotel, very nice !   Baba and Joe Joe babysat Maya in the afternoon so Mama and Aunt Debbie could do a little shopping.   The shopping here is very good.  Many little shops within walking distance of our hotel. 

     We went on a dinner cruise this evening.  It took us along the Pearl River ( which our hotel overlooks).  The cruise was nice but the food was average.  The Pearl River is lined with buildings and bridges that are lit up at night.  It was a beautiful sight.

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