Day fourteen ...Last day in Hong Kong · September 13, 2007
    Today was our last day in Hong Kong.  We spent the day walking and shopping again.  Maya is becoming a very good little shopper.     She loves to buy shoes !!   That's Mama's girl !   We had dinner at the Spaghetti House... It was nothing to write home about     We went to the Victoria Harbor again... this time we saw the laser show over the harbor.  It was really nice.  We took Maya for ice cream at Haagen Dazs....  she loves her ice cream !  We came back to the hotel early to finish packing.....  Homeward bound tomorrow !!    We are being picked up at 7:30am to go to the airport...  we will be traveling for about 24 hours.  We will get into Palm Beach around 7pm Friday night.  Maya will become an American citizen when our plane touches down in Newark !!!  Thank you for all of your support and your good wishes.  We'll continue to update our site and Maya's progress. 
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A new high rise being built in Hong Kong....