Our first days with Maya at home... · September 18, 2007

     Our first few days with Maya at home have been a lot of fun.  She is a very active two year old !!  She seems to love her new surroundings.  She loves her dogs Zack, Kirby and Beaumont...  her favorite by far is Beaumont. She has to have him near her at all times.  Poor Beau can't get any rest.   She is sleeping a little better now but not as good as she did in China.  Her schedule is still not adjusted yet.   She seems to be adjusting to the food, she likes oatmeal,  Cheerios with milk,   grilled cheese sandwich, corn on the cob and pizza.  We have tried many other foods but she is not too fond of them yet...    She still loves any kind of noodles and fruit...  she is a very good eater.    We took her out to a couple of stores, she loves to ride in the shopping cart.  She is not sure if she likes the car seat yet, she cried a couple of times so far.  She is used to no car seat or seat belt in China... I guess it will take some time.

    Maya loves her bedroom.  She was very excited when she saw it for the first time.  She wanted to open all of her toys at once it was very cute.   She reallly likes her Dora ride on toy, her tricycle and any kind of ball.  Also, she is a bathtub girl now... she loves the tub so much she doesn't want to get out.  Our dog Zack sits at the edge of the tub with his head on the tub watching her the whole time... he will not leave until she gets out of the tub.  He is such a good big brother. Well, she's sleeping now so I better go and get some rest...  She will probably be up in a few hours !



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Maya checking out her room....