Home Six Months Already... · March 31, 2008

   We can't believe it, but we have been home six months already with our princess.  We are loving every minute of it !!  She has adjusted very well... no sleeping or eating issues...no issues at all !  She will be having her palate surgery on April 30th at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia.... Please say a prayer that all goes well. 

    She is starting to say more words in english.  She seems to understand everything that we say and can follow directions very well.  She is very, very active and loves to play sports.  Her favorites are soccer and T-ball.  She loves anything with a ball.  She also loves playing in her kitchen and taking care of her baby dolls.  She is a lot of fun.   Maya loves music and singing.  She now likes to watch TV and movies.  Her favorite show  is Kai-lan on Nick Jr.  and her favorite movies are Meet The Robinsons and Ghostbusters.   She has her own little dvd player and she replays them over and over. 

    You can't even imagine how happy she has made us....the joy she brings to our lives is incredible !   She is the love of our lives !!    Her big brother, Matt, is just as crazy about her and she is about him.   He is a good babysitter and really helps out with her.   The dogs still are not sure about her but for the most part they love her. 

    Here are some recent pictures...  We'll update the website while in Philadelphia for her surgery.  

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Maya and Daddy at the petting zoo in Animal Kingdom Disney