Christmas 2008 · 2/1/09

     We had a great holiday season.   Maya is getting so big....  She is talking almost nonstop now :)   She was very excited about Santa but wanted nothing to do with him again...  She was very brave standing in line but the closer we got to him the more she was coming up with excuses to not see him ... she finally said " Mom, I go home now " and that was it...she pulled me out of line and would not go back.    Oh well... maybe next year.    She even said no to him bringing gifts on Christmas Eve.... she said " No way Mom ...  No Santa !! "

     She really had fun on Christmas morning though...   Maya loved all of her gifts.   As you can see from the pictures she must have been a very good girl.   Even though she didn't visit with Santa, he brought her everything she wanted and more !   

     Maya had very special visitors this holiday season....  She got to meet her brother J.J. and his girlfriend Ashley and saw her sister Brianna.  Maya loves her family and is always excited when they visit. 

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Ashley, Maya and J.J.