Day Four.... · September 03, 2007

Today was just a day of doing paperwork and getting Maya's photo taken for her passport. We met her orphanage director at a Lanzhou administrative building. There were other couples there doing the same thing for their babies. It's we cross a street or walk around town with Maya, we get a lot of stares and smiles. Americans are rare in this part of China.

Maya's first night went very well. After her orphanage people left, she cried for about 45 minutes and then fell asleep. She slept straight through till morning. We went down for breakfast where Maya ate congee (a cream of wheat like substance made with rice) some fruit and cereal. She was only happy, though, while sitting on Mommy's lap. She already knows who her Ba-Ba (Daddy) is, but  she's not crazy about him holding her quite yet!

While getting  her paperwork in order, the orphanage director gave us the book we had mailed to Maya that had our pictures in. He also gave us the two disposable cameras we sent so they could take pictures of her at the orphanage. We  were so glad they had received the two care packages we sent. Thank you Postal Service!

After that, we took a quick shopping trip so we could get some necessities for Maya and her friends back at the orphanage. We bought some toys, clothes and a couple of baby walkers and gave them to the director back at the hotel. We said goodbye to him and his assistants at that point. We thanked them for taking such good care of Maya and we promised them we would love her and take care of her forever. They were very grateful.

After a quiet afternoon and nap, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Joe and Daddy took Maya down to dinner. (Mommy wasn't feeling well....too much congee!). Maya was a very good long as she was on Aunt Debbie's lap!

By the way, the temperature here today was in the 60's and will be heading for the 40's tonight. It is a nice break from the 90's back home.

Sorry about not posting any pictures.....the internet here is soooo slow. We'll have some up as soon as we can!!!

Tomorrow will be a day to explore the city. We'll let you know what Lanzhou is like!!!  Talk to you tomorrow!



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Maya's first breakfast with us....