Day Six....Lanzhou China · September 05, 2007

    Today we woke up to a totally different Maya.  She is smiling and happy today.   She even started talking a little ( although in Chinese ).   She is quite a character, she had us all laughing.  She knows what she wants and how to get it.   Boy oh boy, we didn't know what we were getting ourselves into !!   

     Our day started with another nice breakfast.  Maya knows exactly what she likes for breakfast.... congee and noodles.   She ate and ate until we had to make her stop, she was eating long chinese noodles with a spoon, it was sooo cute !

     We went sightseeing with our guide Sally again.  We went to another park and the Gansu Provincial Museum.  The museum was quite impressive.  We learned a lot of the history of Maya's province Gansu and the town she was born in, Wuwei City.  Maya was tired after the museum and took a nice 3 hour nap.   After she woke up we took a walk to a nearby department store.  Once again we drew a lot of attention on the streets.  People love to come up to us to say " hello " in english ( that is about the only word most of them can say).  They all make a fuss over Maya.... One old man today told our guide " she doesn't look like her parents" :)   We all had a good laugh.   After dinner tonight we took another walk, the streets are lined with people selling all kinds of things.  Anything from furs to beautiful tea sets to some kind of animal skulls on a stick (as a snack).

   Tomorrow we are taking a speed boat across the water to a buddhist temple.  We'll take lots of pictures !!  

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Maya exploring the park