Day Twelve...China to Hong Kong · September 11, 2007

     Today was our last day in China.  We had to go to the American Consulate at 4pm to pick up Maya's passport with her visa to travel to the USA.   We had a swearing in ceremony where we had to raise our right hands and promise to take care of Maya and swear that all the information we supplied was true and correct.  Maya was the only baby that cried for the ceremony out of about 40 babies.  She was crying because she wanted to play with the toys across the room !! 

     After the ceremony we left the consulate and headed for McDonalds....  Yes !  they have McDonalds in China. This was the first food from home we had in almost two weeks.   It was a little different from home though. The hamburgers came with cucumber slices instead of pickles and they had some kind of dressing on them that resembled russian dressing.  It was still very tasty !!   The french fries were almost as good as home.  Our guide warned us against giving Maya chicken nuggets or fries, he thought they would make her sick.  He ordered her a kids meal that consisted of soup.  The soup had some kind of fish in it and what looked like squid.  She wouldn't touch it... we gave her fries when he wasn't looking : )    we also ordered her a cheeseburger which she really enjoyed.

     From there we went to the Guangzhou train station.  We had to wait about two hours for the train.  It took about two hours to get to Hong Kong and Maya fell asleep half way through.  We took a van to our present hotel, the YMCA.  Not kidding, our travel agent booked us in the YMCA.  It is in a great location in Hong Kong.... right on the Victoria Harbor.   It really is a YMCA on the first few floors and then a high rise hotel above.  We are on the eigth floor and Debbie and Joe are on the tenth.   Our ride from the airport was only about 15 minutes but it gave us a great look at the city.  Hong Kong is absolutely amazing !!   It is lined with sky scrapers and neon lights.  We can't wait to explore some tomorrow.  We will post pictures as soon as we can.  The internet is very slow here at the Y. 

     Maya has become a very good traveler.  She has been on a plane, train, automobile and boats.  She never gives us a hard time or fusses at all, she smiles and goes along for the ride.

     We will be in Hong Kong until Friday morning when we head back home.  We will be in Newark, NJ at about 2pm on Friday and will be home in Florida at about 7pm Friday night.  We can't wait for Maya to meet her big brother Matt, her three doggies Zack, Kirby and Beaumont and see her princess bedroom, and for Maya to meet the rest of her family and friends in Florida, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

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