2nd Week Home with Maya... · September 28, 2007

    Maya celebrated her 2nd birthday this week.   She loved her ice cream cake .... she had two pieces !!    She wasn't quite sure why we were singing to her but she loved blowing out the candles.     

     We had our first Pediatrician visit this week.  Maya was very brave.  She got three vaccinations and didn't cry at all.    She weighs 26lbs and is 33 inches tall.   The Doctor was very pleased with her development and thought she was right on track.   We are so thankful that she was very well taken care of in China. 

    We took her to Chuckie Cheese this week.  She had lots of fun.  She loved putting the tokens in the rides more than she liked riding them.  She played skee ball and won a whole bunch of coupons.  She was thrilled !  I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of Chuckie Cheese again real soon !! 

     One of Maya's favorite toys is her doll stroller.  As you can see from the pictures, poor Beaumont is her most favorite doll to take for a ride :)

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Maya's brithday cake...