2013 · April 14, 2013

2013 -    Maya is now in 2nd grade and doing very well.  She is still taking gymnastics and now wants to take dance lessons.  She is so good at everything she does...  Maya's favorite show is DC Cupcakes...  We took her to Washington, DC for spring break and took her to the DC Cupcake store.  We waited in line for 50 minutes to buy cupcakes, it was raining and about 40 degrees...  that's true love heart_red...   it was well worth it though...the cupcakes were delicious !    Maya got to go to DC Cupcake camp while in DC....  She was soooo excited when she walked in to cupcake camp and Sophie the owner and star of the TLC show was there to greet her.  I thought she was going to faint  !!  Sophie was so very nice to Maya and helped her roll fondant and decorate her cupcakes...Maya was in cupcake heaven cupcake_blue.     Maya says she wants to open a cupcake shop when she grows up regular_smile

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Maya and Sophie - DC Cupcakes