Day five.... Lanzhou China · September 04, 2007

   Our second night with Maya went very well.   She is a great sleeper, she slept for about 10 hours without waking up.  She is still unsure of us and will only go to Mama and Aunt Debbie.  If we leave her sight she cries, poor baby girl is still not sure what is going on.  She is a great eater, she likes all kinds of fruit.... watermelon is her favorite.  She loves Cheerios, thank goodness for them :)

     We went sightseeing at 9:30am with our guide, Sally.  We went to the Water Wheel  Park which is on the Yellow River.  It was very interesting.  We went to another  park along the Yellow River which was very nice ...although, we seemed to be the main attraction.  Everyone stops to look at us when we walk by.  They come over to us and want to take our picture, one group of young girls came over to us and were sooo excited to see Americans .... they asked if they could take a picture with us and when we agreed they were jumping up and down with excitement.  They took us all the way over to a statue and posed with us, by the time they were ready to take the picture, a crowd had formed and they were all snapping pictures... it was really funny !!


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Maya and Aunt Debbie in the Park