Day Ten...Guangzhou, China · September 09, 2007

    Today started with a flooded bathroom, but the staff quickly came to the rescue.  We are staying on the 11th floor of the White Swan Hotel and couldn't be happier.  This hotel is beautiful and we have spectacular views of the Pearl River out  of our window. 

     Maya is adjusting just wonderfully.  She wakes up every day with a smile and goes to sleep with one too.  She laughs and sings all day !!  We are very very lucky to have her.   She is a very good eater.  She will eat just about anything.   Her favorite new thing is ice cream !   We are not sure if she has ever had it before but she sure loves it.     She had her first taste of french fries and even dipped them in ketchup..... thats my girl !  

     We visited the Six Banyann Temple today.  It is a very beautiful Buddhist temple in Guangzhou.  Maya and Mama received a blessing from a Monk.   We saw many Buddah statues some weighing ten tons, made of bronze and gold.  They were very beautiful.   There was a service going on at the time of our visit and there was beautiful chanting and music. 

   We later went to the local mall to do a little shopping.  That was quite an experience.  Maya just loves going out and about.   She likes sitting in the stroller and watching the sights.  She gets a lot of attention, people tell us all the time how beautiful she is.   She just loves it !!

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Hotel staff un-flooding our bathroom...