Day Thirteen...Hong Kong  · September 12, 2007

     Today was our first full day in Hong Kong.  Maya woke up smiling as usual.    She is now getting used to and even seems to like her morning bath.  She is such a good girl. 

     We found a Starbucks around the corner from the YMCA... yea !!   We spent the day walking through the very, very crowded streets of Hong Kong.  Every ten feet someone is trying to sell you something like a " genuine fake Rolex " or a " copy handbag ".   The street crossing signals are really different, they make a sound like a cow bell.  The bell has different speeds to tell you when to cross or not.   All the buses are double deckers and all the vehicles have right sided steering but still drive on the right side of the looks really strange.  Hong Kong is full of very tall buildings and many many cars, trucks and buses.  The exhaust from the vehicles is unbearable at times. 

     We walked to the harbor tonight and took some pictures of the beautiful skyline.   It's amazing to see.  We are going to see the lasar show on the harbor tomorrow night. 

     Maya has become so used to us now ..... you would think she has been with us her whole life.  We couldn't have imagined how well she has adjusted.  We are so lucky !! 

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Maya in Starbucks...