Home one month already... · October 16, 2007
      We can't believe it but we've been home with Maya for a month already.    She is adjusting so well...   She is slowly starting to say a few words in english now...  Her first words have been banana, ball, MaMa, Matt ( her big brother),  La La ( Daddy),  Lack ( our dog Zack ), LuLu ( our other dog Kirby Lu ), MoMo ( our third dog Beau Beau),  she tries to say I love you ( she is getting close ).   She still tries to talk to us in Chinese and uses a lot of hand gestures. 
     Our Neice Melissa and her husband Mike and their daughter Kaitlyn came to visit.  We all went to Disney for a few days.  It was a lot of fun but really hot.  We took the girls to Mickey's not so scary Halloween party.  The next morning we took them to a Princess breakfast at Epcot Center.... they really enjoyed it !  Maya went swimming for the first time.... she loved it !  She was not too sure of the water at first but after a few minutes she was fearless...   
The girls loved the rides at Disney....  Dumbo and the Merry-Go-Round were the favorites !   We took them on the Snow White ride not knowing it was scary....  Poor girls... they were reluctant to go on any other rides after that.   We visited MGM Studios and had a nice dinner at Hollywood and Vine...  we took the girls to the Little Mermaid show after dinner.... they seemed to enjoy that except for Ursula the octopus lady...she was quite scary!  We had a great visit with Melissa, Mike and Kaitlyn and hated to see them go home. 
     Maya is still sleeping very well and takes a nap every day.  She is trying a lot of new foods.  Her favorite is still ice cream.  She loves fruits, vegetables and any kind of noodles but does not seem to like meat.   She loves to drink any kind of fruit juice and milk .... she is a very good eater !!    
She now loves to take a bath .... it's difficult to get her out at times .... what a change !   She also loves to brush her teeth.... yea !!   Our first month has been such a smooth transition .... we are so happy !!!
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Maya had another birthday cake... Maya and Kaitlyn trying to eat the cake