Our New Home · February 16, 2010

The nightmare is finally over !!  We are in our beautiful new home.  It took over a year of planning and a lot of ups and downs but we made it !   We are finally all together and loving it... we spent many months of living apart, flying back and forth to work from Pennsylvania to Florida every week, but it's over and it was worth every agonizing minute !  Maya did very well with the move, but is happy to have us all back in the same house together.  She is LOVING the cold weather and said she hopes it stays cold all the time.  What a trooper !   We had all hoped for snow and boy did we get our wish...it has snowed record amounts this winter.  It is very beautiful but I forgot how difficult it is to shovel :)  We will add more pictures soon, but here are  a few for now.

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View out of our kitchen window